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Guest Post Guidelines

Welcome to Gazza's Corner.


No travel articles please. The focus of this blog is primarily Project Management topics.

Some ground rules:
1) Gazza's Corner is Ad-Free. This blog is for content: sharing of information, experience, skills and techniques.

2) All articles are expected to be of a professional standard (clearly written, good grammar, no profanity, etc)

3) Authors may include links and logos of their respective companies in their signature line, however companies and products may not be actively promoted.

4) Product mentions are acceptable, if it relates to the content of the article (how we did this on our project, balanced articles reviewing X compared to Y etc). Comparisons should be objective and not skewed.

5) It is the responsibility of the Author to change any names as necessary in their articles to pseudonyms. Referencing a real person by name in your article must have their clearance and approval to do so from those person(s). Gazza's Corner will not be held responsible for accidental or purposeful inclusion of names in articles; after all - you know who is a real person and who is a pseudonym! We don't.

6) There is no charge (and no fees will be paid) for any articles posted on Gazza's Corner. We are all in this to share value.

Submission guidelines:
1) Please email articles in Microsoft Word. This way any pictures/screen shots etc will be preserved and can be included.

2) Please include your "direct" email address for response purposes.You must be a real person and not a marketing pseudonym.

3) If you would like photograph included with your with your article, please attach a picture, either in the Word Doc or separately (JPG/PNG/GIF).

4) Not all articles submitted will be posted - they must meet the above criteria. Gazza's Corner reserves the right to not post articles if they are deemed objectionable, distinctly biased, product-focused, are "sneak" advertising, or otherwise do not meet the objectives and "tone" of the blog.

5) All guest articles are subject to review and editing. If editing is required, the updated copy will be sent back to the author for final check prior to posting. 

6) The author retains all rights to their articles, however they do grant the non-exclusive and perpetual right to have the article posted on Gazza's Corner by submitting the article. If you would like to withdraw a submission prior to publication, please send an email.

7) The Author grants Gazza's Corner the right to post links to the article in a variety of topic-appropriate forums in order to attract readership.

Thanks, and welcome to Gazza's Corner!

If you are thinking of submitting a Guest Podcast for Gazza's Corner Podcast, please contact me to discuss.

Gary Nelson, PMP

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