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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Guest Post: Being An Effective Public Speaker Is Essential For Leadership Success In Business - Is It True?

Being a successful public speaker is more than just walking up to a crowd and talking. It’s a way of convincing others of your ideas and beliefs, letting the world know that you have something to say. But how does this translate to effective business leadership if all you do is talk? That’s what you think you’re doing, “talking”, but to everyone else, you’re doing something much more. Persuading, encouraging, inspiring, leading - do how does it work? The only sure way of getting good at public speaking is to do it over and over again until it becomes second nature, and to get there, we need to follow a certain course of action. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take towards your successful public speaking career.


The first thing you should do find a subject you really care about. Whatever it is, stick to it; it’s for training purposes, so even if you’re really into cars, you can stick to that. Think about what you would like to say to your audience; go back and forth, forming sentences and working out the flow of information. If you believe in your words, your listeners are sure to follow, because if you don’t, they will see through it and stop listening because your words will sound hollow.
Once you’ve decided on “what” you want to communicate, it’s time to work on the “how”. Grab a piece of paper or start typing at your laptop. Once you actually put words to paper you will soon realize what the good and bad parts of your speech are; this allows you to make corrections without any damage done. It’s better to prevent an error than trying to fix it on the fly.


Once you have your speech mapped out it’s time to give it a test run. Stand in front of a mirror and try speaking the words. If this is too much of a stress, grab a recorder device or a wide camera and do the same, only this time, you can listen/see yourself after the speech has been delivered. Try reading it a few times and then saying it out loud with reading less and less each time. When you’re done, listen to yourself deliver the speech and take notes on what could have been done better. It may be awkward the first few times but once you’re comfortable with yourself and your speech, stepping out in front of a group of people will be a breeze.


The best leaders are also the most creative. If you want to your workers to listen to what you have to say, you must come up with a creative, well-crafted speech to grab their attention and motivate them. Your employees vary in experience and creativity, so why not use that fact? Arrange a meeting or two each month where your workers can express new ideas about managing the company and letting everyone know how they think. It may sound silly and you might be thinking “Why would I let someone tell me how to do my job?” but encouraging openness and freedom of thinking in your company will bolster your retention are and employee satisfaction in a big way.

Practice makes perfect

It’s true for most anything in life that practice makes you good at it. Giving yourself time and patience will do you wonders when it comes to public speaking. It’s not an understatement when we say that having public speaking skills is the most useful skill you can have in your business arsenal.

By making sure you’re developing your public speaking skills you’re saving yourself a lot of time and effort in standing out in the corporate ladder. A public speaker will always be the one who people and executives admire the most, more often than not by giving them more employment benefits, more executive power, and in some cases, even being a PR for the company that the speaker is working for. Don’t shy away from it. It’s normal to be nervous about it at first, but by the time you realize, you’ll be a natural, using your full potential and doing your company wonders.

By Alfred Stallion and